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Doubt about "Both X and Y"

As a beginner in Korean but with a knowledge of basic Japanese grammar, so far I tried to draw analogies between the grammars of both languages. Maybe it's not the right approach, but even so, I would ...
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아랜 문장안에 "지" 왜 그래?

"어머니는 자신이 어떻게 그런 교육을 받았는지 다른 개들이 놀라워하고 부러워하는 것을 보길 좋아했다." Tandem, Kakao Talk, How to Study Korean, 그리고 Korean Class 101에게 무러봤고 아무도 도움을 해줬어요. 그뿐만아니라 Zoom 한국어 교실에 갔고 선생님은 설명하러 너무 어려워하겠다고 했다.
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What does -라느니 mean?

I found it from this sentence "내가 다른 가문에서 보낸 첩자라느니 암살자라느니" But the translation from naver papago is "i'd rather be an assassin than a spy from another family" Idk if that translation is accurate. ...
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How to choose a conjunctive particle: 와/과, 하고, (이)랑?

(Of course 와/과 is determined by the final consonant of the preceding noun, or lack of it). But, other than that, are these completely interchangeable? Can 와/과, 하고, (이)랑 be chosen regardless of ...
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~고 as a conjunctive ending

It was said on this question in a comment that 조사 "하고(and)" cannot occur together with to 을/를. So if you want to use "하고(and)", it must be "이것하고 저것을 해" Summarized from a book I have from 연세 ...
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