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How to understand the -하다고 suffix?

I found myself completely unable to explain the -하다고 suffix to someone. For example, 행복하다고 느낍니까? which means, "Do you feel that you're happy?" Actually, no, there's a nuance there. I think ...
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1 answer

Do I use the 해라체 for personal notes?

I know that the 해라체 is used in diaries, books, newspapers and so forth, but is it also used for casual personal notes to myself? Like "water the flowers" or statements like "password is ...
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Conjugation of 이시다

Could you please tell me if this is correct? 이다 --> 이시다 Present tense 야 / 이야 --> 셔 / 이셔 예요 / 이에요 --> 세요 / 이세요 인다 --> 이시다 입니다 --> 이십니다 Past tense 였어 --> 였셔 였어요 --> 였세요 였다 --> ...
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