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Is there a name for the 시옷 in words like 오랫동안 and 어젯밤?

I´ve noticed that there are compound words like 오랫동안 and 어젯밤 that have a 시옷 between the original words (maybe also the case in 소릿값). Is there a proper name for this grammatical feature? And are ...
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Is the compound verb used only for the third-person subject?

According to the following explanation on the compound verb section on Duolingo: It can also mean "to act like..." For example, 슬프다="to be sad" while 슬퍼하다="to act sad." Usually this aspect of ~하다 ...
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Compound verbs : Is it possible to generate them, or are they limited to those already commonly known?

Korean contains many compound verbs consisting of two parts: 뛰놀다, meaning to frolic or gambol, comes from 뛰다 (run, jump) and 놀다 (play). 날아다니다, meaning to fly around, combines 날다 (fly), and 다니다 ...
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Why do some words show XX-X다 (들어-오다) form in a dictionary?

I wonder why some verbs display its dictionary form as XX-X다 (hyphen in the center). For example, enter in English can be looked up as 들어-오다. At first I thought these verbs should be used in split in ...
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