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Questions tagged [clausal-conjunctions]

A clausal conjunction is an essential basic grammar category in any language.

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why is it weird to use 도록 in this case?

Why is it weird with 도록 in this case? 도록: (목적) so that, in order that, that, (so as) to, in order to 이 꽃을 잘 키우도록 하루에 한 번 물을 줘야 한다.
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Question About Using (으)면 When No Uncertainty Exists

In the case of something that will happen 99.99999999% of the time, let's say waking up in the morning, can 으면 be used to mean 'when'? For example is this a natural expression? 내가 깨면 아침밥 함께 먹자. How ...
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