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Finally as adverb and auxiliary verb (드디어 vs 어/아 버리다)

Today I came across the use of the auxiliary verb 버리다 to express (among the other things) finally. However as far as I know finally in korean is also the adverb 드디어. So I wonder for example what is ...
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1 answer

Auxiliary verb VS. light verb

How do I distinguish between auxiliary verbs and light verbs in Korean? And, is there a difference between the definition of these two between English and Korean?
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What is the difference between 할래요 and 하고 싶어요?

Or more specifically, the difference between V + (으)ㄹ래요 V + 고 싶어요 They both seem to express intention in doing something, equivalent to "I want to do" in English. What is the difference?
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The difference between 싶어 하다 and 싶어지다?

What is the difference between 싶어 하다 and 싶어지다? The dictionary says that both means want to ~ and should be used as a form of 고 싶어지다. Or to make an example: 누가 얘기하고 싶어 해요. In this sentence, can I ...
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