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What does the short form represent for Korean Parts of Speech?

Sometimes, I see these in dictionary word lists that has a short form for Korean Parts of Speech (POS) and I could figure out the "long-form", e.g. 감 = 감탄사 interjection, exclamation  관 = 관형사 ...
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How to properly use the middle dot (·; 가운뎃점)?

I'm a native Korean speaker who's been off Korea for years. I've been binge watching American shows, studying in American high school, reading English books at the American library, and talking and ...
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Can I use 찮다 to express 지 않다

I refer to this question: Etymology of '괜찮다' So words like 귀찮다, 괜찮다, or 편찮다 are actually just the shortened form of 귀하지 않다, 괜하지 않다 and 편하지 않다. And the general rule is, 찮다 is the shortened ...
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