So Kim, or “金” might be the most common last name in Korea. However, some Chinese people also have the last name Jin/金. To my knowledge, however, they don't seem to be related, as they have different origins. In any case, if that Chinese person were to move to Korea or adopt a Korean name, would they be called Keum or Kim? Or perhaps would they be able to go with either?

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    All of readings which you mentioned were borrowed from Chinese languages, in various times. Middle Chinese kim (*/kˠiɪm/ and other reconstructions) evolved to Modern Mandarin jīn /t͡ɕin⁵⁵/. Palatalization of [k] to [t͡ɕ] was recent change in 18th / 19th century.
    – Arfrever
    Mar 3 at 2:32

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Usually, the original pronunciation (“Jin”) is respected and it’s not read with the Korean Hanja readings (“Kim”) unless it’s a name of a historic person. However, it could be, if he’d like to be called so.

You’d be interested in this video:

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