I am trying to translate the following sentence.

Tom wants to know when will receive the package

My attempt is

톰님이 언제 특히를 받다고 알고 싶어요

My thought on why this might be correct is because what Tom wants to know is quoted so I used the -다고 pattern. On the word for package I am not too sure, I just used Naver Dictionary for it.

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The standard verb form for embedding a question in another sentence as in your example is -지. The quote form -다고/라고 is used when relaying a regular statement, and -냐고 can be used when the verb is an explicit questioning or demanding kind like 묻다 (ask/question), 질문하다 (ask), 추궁하다 (question/interrogate by pressuring).


  • 톰 님이 언제 택배를 받는지 (or 받을지) 알고 싶어요. ("package" may be 소포 (traditional term used by the post office) or 택배 (any home delivery.)

  • 톰 님이 언제 택배를 받는지 / 받느냐고 / 받을 거냐고 물어 봤어요. (with 묻다, you can say either -지 or -냐고)

  • 톰 님이 벌써 택배를 받았다고 말했어요 = Tom said he had already received the package (relaying a statement with -다고).

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