Translating the lyrics of one song into another language and then singing it is called "개사". It's clear that this is a 漢字語 (한자어), but which one of them is correct?

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It would be 改詞, from 고칠 개 and 말 사; it is this 말 사 that is used in the 한자어 hanja-eo 歌詞 가사.

개사 is the hangeul equivalent of many 한자어, but 改寫, relatively common in Modern Standard Mandarin Chinese, is not listed in the Modern Korean dictionaries that I have access to. Instead, the closest is 開寫 (in itself vanishingly rare in Modern Chinese), which is defined as:

글로 써서 나타냄.

... that is, basically to 'start writing'. But I imagine this is only used in historical texts, or in reference to history.

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