I was listening to a rap song with Korean lyrics where one of the lines uses the prefix 처 in a way I hadn't seen before:

돈 자랑, 몸 자랑, 인맥 자랑, 네 자랑, 잠이나 자라

From my understanding, 처 can be affixed to the front of any verb (처먹다, 처박다, ...) to make the action sound more aggressive or pejorative.

Out of my own curiosity, I was wondering if anyone knows or could find where this comes from or how recently the prefix began to be used. A cursory search shows that it is defined on Naver and Daum though without an evident etymology, and while Namuwiki contains a bit more detail, it only offers the observation that 처 is often wrongly assumed to be related to the verb 치다 when written as 쳐.

Are there any other similar prefixes that can be attached prior to the verb in this way? It would also be interesting to hear if this prefix is used differently in other regions of Korea outside of Seoul.


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