What is the meaning of '별로 차이가 없다'?

이 한국말은 영어로 설명하면 무슨 뜻입니까? 알고 싶어요.

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    '별로 차이가 없다’는 영어로 ‘not much difference’ 또는 'not much of a difference’로 번역할 수 있습니다. 이 표현은 두 가지 사물이나 상황이 서로 비슷하거나 같다는 것을 나타내는 표현입니다. 예를 들어, "이 두 제품은 별로 차이가 없다"라고 말할 때, "These two products don’t have much difference"라고 번역할 수 있습니다. Commented Jun 19, 2023 at 14:31

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As was answered in the comment, it means "(There is) not much difference" or "It is not very different". 차이 is a common noun for "difference", and 별로 is a very frequently used adverb which means "especially", "particularly", or "much / very" in a negative sentence.

Here are some examples of 별로.

  • 손님 많아? = Are there many guests/customers?
  • 아니, 별로 없어 = No, there aren't very many.

  • 공포 영화(를) 좋아하세요? = Do you like horror movies?
  • 아니요, 별로 안 좋아해요 = Not really, I don't particularly like them.

  • 이번 겨울은 별로 춥지 않았다 = This winter wasn't particularly cold.

별 has the underlying base meaning of being different from others (i.e. 다르다), so it appears in many words sharing the sense of "special / particular" or "different / separate", as in 특별하다 (is special), 유별나다 (is very different), 별개 (a different thing/item), 구별하다 (to differentiate / tell apart), 차별하다 (to discriminate) and many others.

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