I've the following simple sentence: "저는 로한이에요. 또 만나요". Which is supposed to mean " I am Rohan. See you again".

Many tutorials specifically translates "또 만나요" as "see you again". The sentence is a bit not natural to me in its english translation. Is it supposed to be a goodbye of the form "See you later" maybe?

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Yes it is goodbye of the form "See you later". However, It is awkward to say "또 만나요" to others because it sounds we have to meet again. We use "다음에 봐요" rather than "또 만나요". I am not native English speaker but I have heard "see you around" and "see you later" which sounds more natural than "see again". "또 만나요" is barely used in modern conversation. Usage of "또 만나요" is marginal. I have seen "또 만나요" in literature written in 20C.

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