I am watching a lot of Korean dramas and it always nice to hear different speech levels.

I wanted to frain members over here on the ending: 으ㄹ쏜가

Could you please give me some examples and translation you have come accross that could help explain the meaning better ? I plan to add it to an anki deck.

Naver gives the following examples:

나의 마음을 아는 이 누구일쏜가.

My translation: Who could possibly know my heart.

뉘라서 천하장사를 이길쏜가.

My translation: Who could beat the world champion.

내가 비록 자네에게 화가 났으나 내가 자네 험담을 할쏜가?

My translation: Even though I am angry with you, how could I gossip about you

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-ㄹ쏜가 is an old-style form of -겠는가

which means a strong negative question.

Your examples and translations are correct.

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