I just learned this pattern,and I guess 수 is a meaningful word,meaning "ability". is my assumption wrong? what is its meaning or is it just a grammarical word without real meaning?

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수 means your ability to do something, a possibility that something can happen, or ways you can achieve something through. It is like 'can' in English. I referred to https://ko.dict.naver.com/#/entry/koko/57b987f6990d43c69b3d812ab6818d6a

Examples: Remittance can be made by cheque or credit card. 송금은 수표로도 할 수 있고 신용카드로도 할 수 있다.

Could you help me a moment? 잠깐 나 좀 도와줄 수 있니?

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The "수" as in "할 수 있다/없다" was originated from the character "," which means

  • a hand,
  • a possible case/way (as in, "There's no way to do that"),
  • a possible move (in Go or chess-like boardgames),
  • possibility,
  • ability.

I looked in Minjung's English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary. On page 382 of this palm size dictionary, 1st column, 3/4's of the way down there is a concise explanation of 수 with examples. Here is a snapshot: 《수단. 방법》 a means; a way;a resource, help; a device (방안). End of quote. So in your 2nd sentence, a literal way of asking for help if translated into English would be,"Is there a way (수) you could help me a moment?" Or, "Do you know of a way (수) that you could help me a moment?" In fact, it is legitimate to attach the subject particle 가 to 수 . For example: 잠깐 나 좀 도와줄 수가 있니?

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