By repetition sign, I mean something that is like  in Japanese and Chinese.

In both Japanese and Chinese, can be used to suggest a repetition of the previous character. For example, 人人 can be written as 人々. In Japanese, there is also a repetition sign for kanas ().

Therefore, I am wondering whether there is such a sign in Hangul so that 똑똑하다 can be written as something like 똑々하다.

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Not in modern Korean. Your example was used in text occasionally during the Japanese occupation of Korea, but is not part of the official Korean language guidelines (source: https://namu.wiki/w/%EB%B0%98%EB%B3%B5%20%EB%B6%80%ED%98%B8)


We don't use that symbol in one word or sentence.

However, in non-formal documents, use symbols that mean a full sentence or a full word iteration. "

For example,

Name Lunch Menu
철수 햄버거
민수 "
정수 "
민지 김치찌개

"(means 햄버거) is interpreted as repeating the words(or sentence) written just before (above). In most cases, it is only used for actual handwriting, not computer typing.

  • They also seem to use 상동(上同) a lot on formal documents. Aug 10, 2022 at 0:52

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