When I read this sentence, I thought this might be wrong.

"껍질은 칼로 깎으시오."

Should it be written "껍질은 칼으로 깎으시오." because "칼" has patim.

My text book is an old book , so it may be a kind of mistake, though.

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"칼" is right.

When the preceding noun has the final consonant, ‘으로’ is used.
by phone --> 폰으로(O) 폰로(X)
by book --> 책으로(O) 책로(X)

When the preceding noun does not have the final consonant, ‘로’ is used.
★ But exceptionally, when the noun ends with 'ㄹ', '로' is used, not of '으로'.
by knife --> 칼으로(X) 칼로(O)
by subway --> 지하철으로(X) 지하철로(O)
by pencil --> 연필으로(X) 연필로(O)

reference(National Institute of the Korean Language)

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