I read in the answer section of the TOPIK exam that there are a few words "답란" and "결시 확인란". Why is there the word "란" in these words? What does this word "란" mean?

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From naver dictionary:
답란 ->

답란 答欄 Pronunciation
형태 [+答-欄] 뜻풀이부 noun

  1. 시험지 따위에서, 답을 적는 난. 다음 문제를 읽고 보기에서 맞는 답을 골라 답란에 적으시오.

If we search for the meaning of 欄, this is specified as both 란 and 난 in Korean.

Meaning of 난 is

(신문등의) a column; a page; a section; (기입하는) a blank  

So I suppose it means the blank space where you're supposed to fill in your answer, and the space where you're supposed to confirm your attendance.

  • Note: as an independent word, you read it “난,” and as a suffix, you read it “-란.” Commented Oct 19, 2021 at 10:39

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