So I’m trying to join a silent chat room and it requires a passcode. The passcode hint is ‘참코 애발매일 YYMMDD’. What does it mean?

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Had no clue at first sight. Searched up a bit to figure it out.

“참코: 애 발매일.”

  • 참코: 參加 joining code; passcode required to join.
  • : the name of the Stray Kids’ digital single “Mixtape:.”
  • 발매일: 발매發賣 release-일日 date; release date.

Passcode hint — the release date of the Stray Kids’ digital single ‘Mixtape:애.’”

Which is June 26, 2021. It’s 210626. There you go. Good luck with your K-pop journey.

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    Thank you so much!!! I was getting tired of searching for a translation, but really thank you so much I was able to join it now <3
    – bliss
    Commented Aug 31, 2021 at 7:59
  1. 참코 애 -> no clue.
  2. 발매일 YYMMDD -> release date YYMMDD

First part of the phrase means nothing. Some jargon maybe. You would have to figure out by yourself.

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