Wikipedia mentions how historically, several spelling changes and even new characters were proposed for Hangul. What other changes have been suggested throughout the history of Korea?

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Horizontal writing (가로쓰기) and spacing (띄어쓰기). It was not a thing.

Also, breaking syllable blocks up just like when you write Latin alphabets (풀어쓰기) was suggested -- not adopted though. Like writing "ㅎㅏㄱㄱㅛ" instead of "학교."

Another suggestion, in 1954, was simplified Hangul orthography where you write 갓 instead of 같, 갇, 갓 as they make the same sound -- not adopted as well.

Horizontal writing and spacing

Actually, horizontal writing and spacing are pretty recent adoptions that made into the Korean orthography in the late nineteenth century by the Scottish missionary John Ross translating the Bible into Korean. He also published “Corean Primer,” the Korean language textbook where horizontal writing and spacing were introduced, in 1877.

The cover Introduction

  1. The Corean alphabet, though always in syllables, is written, not from left to right as here, but from top to bottom and right to left, like Chinese; ….

Lesson Ⅰ

Lesson Ⅰ — Library.

👨‍🎓 ᄂᆡ/ne/ “I” 되션/deoshun/ “Corean”/mal/ “words” 보이고쟈/bo-ighojia/ “(to) learn” 한다/handa/ “want.”

👨‍🎓 네/nê/ “You” 나를/narul/ “(for) me” 션ᄉᆡᆼ/shiungseng/ “teacher” ᄃᆡ졉/dejiup/ “engage,” 하갓너니/haghannuni./ “will?”

👀 ᄂᆡ/ne/ “I” ᄃᆡ졉/dejiup/ “engage,”/ha/올리/ōri./ “can.”

👨‍🎓 얼 ᄆᆡ나/ulmena/ “How much” 주갓슴마/dsooghasumma./ “give him?”

👀 힌/han/ “One” 달에/dalê/ “moon”/nugh/ “four”/niang./ “taels.”

👀 됴운/dio-oon/ “Good” 션ᄉᆡᆼ은/shiunshengun/ “teacher” 맛망이/matdangi/ “should” ᄃᆡ구말/degoogmal/ “Chinese speech” 암머니/ammuni/ “know.”

👨‍🎓 되션/doeshun/ “Corean”/mal/ “speech” 보이기/boigi/ “(to) learn” 쉽다/sooipda/ “easy.”

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