When I'm surfing on the Internet, I saw the word "고답적". What it means in English? I think it is very difficult word

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    did you check a dictionary? What is the context for this word? Where did you see it?
    – user17915
    Aug 12 at 12:58

"고답적" mean 세상에 초연(超然)하거나, 현실과 동떨어지게 사고하거나 행동하는 (것).

highbrow; high-toned; transcendent



It is indeed an obscure one. This is my first time seeing that word.

These are my two cents to translate it:

  • of an otherworldlically unrealistic mindset;
  • thinking as if one is a spiritual being who doesn't belong to the world;
  • unconcerned of earthly matter;
  • differentiating oneself from earthly beings.

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