What is ...지군 하다 ending used for? For example, 이어지군 하는데 or 하였다.

자기 일터에 대한 많고많은 자랑을 하나둘 꼽아갈 때마다 종업원들의 이야기는 저도모르게 직장장에 대한 이야기로 이어지군 하였다.

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    I have added the "north-korean" tag. According to this page, "-군 하다" is North Korean for the South Korean "-곤 하다." 직장장 is a North Korean word.
    – Klmo
    Apr 15, 2021 at 13:23

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I felt the entire sentence felt awkward though I get the meaning, and I figrued out why with Klmo's clarification in the comment. So, it's NK dialect?

I think it should mean ~지곤 하다 in SK language. Its basic form is from ~하고는 하다= ~하곤 하다. It's a matter of verb endings.

It means "used to do~~" or "used to be ~~"

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