Based on the Google results of 꿀잠각 뜻, there is no relevant page to explain how it is. But the search result shows it is the word that people actually use, with the hashtag #꿀잠각 seen on Instagram.

I think it is a new word (신조어) but what does it mean?

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1. 꿀잠

꿀잠--literally "honey sleep"--is a trendy way of saying for "a good sleep".

2. 각 (角)

각(角) is an abbreviation of 각도(角度) meaning "an angle". Another translation for that is "expectation", "feeling lucky" or "a good situation" that is going to be a big hit - which is a gamblers vocabulary common among billiards and LOL(League of Legends)-like game's players. Such meaning of this word is derived from what people call "the angle" in billiards--the angle that's going to make the three-cushion.


  • 포각 - An angle of an artillery
  • 우승각 - An angle (situation) where someone is about to win a league/tournament
  • 킬각 - An angle someone is about to kill the opponent - "Lethal"
  • 꿀잠각 - An angle someone is going to sleep well - "About to sleep well"


  • ~각을 잰다 - Measure the angle (of something)
  • ~각을 낸다 - Make an angle (of something) / Get an advantage (of something)
  • ~각을 본다 - Have an eye on (something)
  • ~각 나온다 - It is obvious that ~ / It will hit ~ / It's gonna be good.
  • ~각 잡다 - Got the hang of it
  • 그리고 "당구 용어"라는 개념을 이해하실지 모르겠는데 이건 한국에만 있는 건가 싶네요. 당구에서 쓰는 말은 거의 다른 세상 언어라고 할 정도로 어휘가 다양하고 어렵거든요. 구글에 "당구 용어" 검색하거나 이런 글을 보면 느낌이 옵니다. 무슨무슨 각이라는 것도 원래 당구 용어였던 것으로 기억하는데 인터넷 게임을 통해서 확산되면서 여러가지 상황에서 응용되고 있습니다.
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꿀, which means "honey", is often used as a (slang) prefix for something that is good or easy. 잠 is just "sleep". 각, which means "angle", is also a slang word for "opportunity" or "chance". So 꿀잠각 means a good chance to get a good sleep. For example, when you finished some work in a very satisfying way at like 10 pm, you can say that.

Other examples: 꿀잼=꿀+재미 = very fun. 자살각=자살+각 = "chance to suicide", a slang word roughly equivalent to "I fxxked up".

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