The sentence is:

너한테 필요한 건 키만 크고 얼굴이 여드름 밭인 농구부 주장이 아니야.

According to Naver 밭이다 means to be filtered? Which doesn't really make sense? Or is it like his face was a field of acne?

주장 also means like, assertion? So I guess I'm just confused about the entire sentence.

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    = (A farmer's) field / 주장 = the captain
    – Coconut
    Nov 21, 2020 at 8:20
  • ~밭이다 can mean 'full of ~' and 주장 can mean 'the captain'. Nov 22, 2020 at 2:19

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농구부 주장 - basketball team captain

Recall that when turning "is" 이다 into an adjective it becomes 인, so 밭 here is the noun "field".

A translation could be

What's needed from you is not a tall basketball team captain with a face like a field of acne.

Although I can't imagine what kind of context such a sentence would come up in...

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