The sentence is:

벌써 2학년 1학기가 지나 버렸고 더 이상은 기다릴 수 없다고 마음먹자, 갑자기 웬 농구부 주장이 오늘 혜현에게 고백을 하겠다고 공공연히 떠들고 다녔다.

And like, I get what it's saying, but does 떠들고 다니다 mean something specific as a phrase?

I get that he's talking about confessing, but does adding 다니다 to that add anything grammatically?

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Basically it means that he went around saying he would confess.

다니다 is one of a few verbs that often gets paired up with another, to link the actions together. It emphasizes that the person is going around from place to place while doing the action.

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