I saw the following sticker in one of the shops:

쫌 sticker

I tried looking it up on Naver Dict but there were no results (just 2 example sentences). So what does 쫌 mean? If possible, example sentences in which 쫌 is used would also be of great help!

  • It is an informal abbreviation of "조금".
    – Hanul Jeon
    Commented Oct 3, 2020 at 16:58

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"쫌!" by itself is similar to "Oh pleeeaaase!!" - it's an expression of exasperation at whatever the other side is doing (or not doing). It's also rather informal.

"아 쫌!" is also commonly used.


쫌 is an informal abbreviation of '조금'. A more standard abbreviation of 조금 is 좀, and both of them have the same meaning.

itself has no specific meaning. Here is a list of the possible meanings of 좀:

  1. An abbreviation of 조금

  2. A word that is inserted to make polite a request or asking.

  3. An extreme extent.

  4. How much (in an interrogative sentence).

Its meaning depends on the context, but I guess 쫌 in your picture has the second meaning. Here are possible example sentences:

"좀 그만 해!"

"Stop it, please!"

좀 in this sentence makes a request (for stopping something) more politely. Note that, however, "좀 그만 해" is still less formal than another form of request like "그만 좀 해 주시겠습니까?"

Here is another example:

"아 제발 좀 당첨되었으면!" 복권을 사고 나서 외쳤다.

"Ah, please, I wish I win the lottery!" I shouted after buying a lottery.

The speaker in the sentence asks their luck (to heaven or the law of probability, or something like that), and 좀 in this sentence corresponds to 'please.'

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