I've found the following meanings for it in the Naver dictionay:

  1. become oversophisticated
  2. be too much a man of the world

In what situations would you use it it? How is it different from the meaning of 닳다? As far as I understand it's fairly negative.

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From Naver's online dictionary:

닳다 -> Be worn out due to overuse (see 1)

(eg from same page: 바지기 닳다: pants worn out from overuse)

닳고 닳다: become knowledgeable about the ways of the world after seeing hardship
(eg from same page: 사람은 누구나 나이가 들면 세상일에 닳고 닳아서 순진함을 자꾸만 잃어버리게 된다.)

It is close to the meaning of hardships of life making someone more self centered or apathetic.

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