Is it something to be used in certain situations? If so, what are those?

  • It is the non-standard use of the prefix 개- (which adds the meaning of "the degree being too much"). Related to this question. – Klmo Sep 19 at 5:57
  • It is very similar to the word in this link. – Absol Sep 22 at 12:42

This is a slang word in Korean used as an intensifier for something. 개X means a lot of X, a very big X or something similar based on context and what X is. It will intensify whatever the word X is trying to convey. In your example:

개웃기네 -> very funny, made you laugh a lot

개못생겼네 -> very ugly

Depending on context it might be considered to use this intensifier and is not recommened outside of an informal context


Lots of other examples are available with a quick google search

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