I was scrolling the notification sounds in Kakaotalk (English user interface) and saw one listed as: kkondae. I think it should be written as 꼰대, which translates as 'braid'. But what is meant by this? Not just braid, I guess. Is it slang? I'm completely missing the point of having a notification sound that says out loud and in a deep voice: Braid! 😄

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    You can find it here.
    – Klmo
    Commented Sep 10, 2020 at 16:57

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It's a Korean slang. https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20190726-the-condescending-old-people-of-south-koreas-workforce https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20190718-kkondae like 'boomer'. You can use it as a swear word.

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