This expression appeared on my vocabulary textbook as a collocation of the word "joke" 농담(弄談). What I could not understand is the exact meaning of 심하다(甚하다) in this collocation. Does is it mean a "terrible joke", "great joke" or maybe "cruel joke" as in a joke that went too far? What is the exact connotation of 농담이 심하다? Could someone provide some usage examples?

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You can use 농담이 심하다 when you think that a joke has been carried too far. It does not matter whether it is really a joke. The adjective 심하다 has a negative connotation because it is used when something exceeds a reasonable/acceptable level. I will give you some dialogues below.

Dialogue 1 (ㄱ is telling the truth.)

ㄱ: 사실 네가 내 아들이야. (In fact, you are my son.)

ㄴ: 에이, 농담이 심하시네요.

ㄱ: 내가 지금 농담하는 줄 아나?

ㄴ: 농담이 아니에요?

ㄱ: 그래, 농담 아니야. 네가 내 아들이 아니라면 내가 왜 너 같은 애하고 대화하겠니?

Dialogue 2 (ㄷ is telling a sick joke.)

ㄷ: 나, 얼마 못 산대. (I was told that I am not going to live much longer.)

ㄹ: 뭐? 정말이야? 무슨 불치병이라도 걸렸어?

ㄷ: 응, 병 걸렸어. 너 없이는 못 사는 병. (Yes, I caught a disease. The "I can't live without you" disease.)

ㄹ: 야, 농담이 너무 심하잖아. 네가 얼마 못 산대서 내가 속으로 얼마나 놀란 줄 알아?

Dialogue 3 (ㅁ is telling a joke that could be taken as sexual harassment.)

ㅁ: 옆 부서 사람이랑 단둘이 출장 가니?

ㅂ: 어. 내일 하루 갔다 와.

ㅁ: 그렇구나. 잘 다녀와. 그 사람이랑 좋은 시간도 보내고. (Have a good time with her / him, too.)

ㅂ: 내가 너냐? 농담도 심하다.

There are several synonyms for 심하다: 과하다, 지나치다, 너무하다, etc. For 농담이 심하다, you can use 과하다 or 지나치다 instead of 심하다, but 농담이 너무하다 sounds too awkward.


심하다 used mainly in negative situations. So 농담이 심하다 means that the joke is too harsh or excessive. It can also be used in the following sentences: 말이 심하다(speaking too harsh), 장난이 심하다(prank too much). 과하다, 과도하다, 지나치다 can be used as synonym.

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