It seems that 'the thing being described' is the subject of a descriptive verb, so

그 여자 예뻐요

basically means the same as

그 여자 예뻐요

My question is : Is there any difference at all in the meaning, level of formality, or 'feel' of those two utterances, in any context? Or is the 가 always entirely optional and redundant?

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"그 여자 예뻐요" can be considered as a shortened form of "그 여자가 예뻐요". Therefore, there is almost no meaning difference (가 is optional).

However, in a formal (and often informal) writing, "그 여자가 예쁘다." is far more frequent than "그 여자 예쁘다." In a conversation, either way is OK (both are well used).


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