When and why do we use '한걸요'? Like I have seen sentences like

그대의 꿈이 너무 소중한걸요 (Your dream is so precious)

and 그대의 꿈이 너무 달콤한걸요 (Your dream is so sweet).

I looked up the meaning of 한걸요 and according to Papago app it means 'I did it'.

I am new to learning korean.


EDIT (from comments by OP): This is part of the lyrics for the song 도시의 천사들: http://gasazip.com/1242598

  • Is this written like this somewhere? Did you copy/paste this or did you write down what you heard?
    – user17915
    Mar 29, 2020 at 2:41
  • It is from a song - Angel in the city by Lucia Mar 29, 2020 at 3:55
  • there are some typos as mentioned in the answer by @lingodeerapp. Here are the lyrics, for other readers of this question: klyrics.net/lucia-dosiui-cheonsadeul
    – user17915
    Mar 29, 2020 at 4:43

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The word you are trying to translate, 소중한걸요, is actually composed of three parts: 소중하-(소중하다), -ㄴ걸, and -요.

It would be easy for you to check out the meaning of 소중하다, so I'll focus on explaining the latter two.

-ㄴ걸 is used for verb declension, often used for light interjections. For example,

와, 정말 대단한걸! Wow, that's really great!

and -요 is one of the most frequently used postpositions, which makes the whole sentence sound a bit more polite, but informal. You'll see these a lot in Korean lyrics.


It is an expression used when you say a newly learned fact with admiration. It can be used to explain one's thought or argument, or give a reason for it. This form of speech is also used in the lyrics and poems.
ex) 이것은 너무 쓴걸요. / 이 영화 정말 슬픈걸요. / 그게 사실인걸요. / 저는 지금 너무 행복한걸요./ 그대 생각에 잠이 안 오는걸요./ 저는 어른이 아니라 학생인걸요. / 아침을 안 먹었더니 벌써 배가 고픈걸요.

*I corrected some typos in the sentences. 그대의 이 너무 소한걸요 (Your dream is so sweet) 그대의 이 너무 달콤한걸요 (Your dream is so precious).

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