I was trying to translate IU’s song entitled “Love Poem” then, I encountered the word “기도하고”. I know that “기도” means prayer but what does it mean if you put the particle “하고”?

  • -하다 is a suffix used to make nouns into verbs and adjectives.
    – Klmo
    Mar 27, 2020 at 21:14

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In the lyric of that song, '누군가 기도하고 있나 봐' (I think someone is praying)

'기도하고' is 'praying' in English and it is not independent word here.

기도하고 + 있다 = 'be praying'

ex) 엄마가 노래하고 있다 mom is singing 나는 공부하고 있다 I am studying

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