Please translate this phrase for me, and if possible, please also explain the meaning of every word used in it: "눈 감으면 봄은 아득하고". Thank you in advance.

  • have you consulted a dictionary? or do you have a specific problem in translating this sentence?
    – user17915
    Mar 15, 2020 at 13:37

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When I close my eyes, the spring seems far away.

  • 눈(을): Eye
  • (내가) 감으면: Close
  • 봄은: Spring + 은(for a subject)
  • 아득하고: Far away(that you cannot reach it or imagine it)

Since 아득하다 might be difficult voca, I want to leave some examples.

  1. 지평선(the horizon)이 아득하다.
  2. 아득히 먼 미래

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