In the following sentence:

호놀룰루의 유명한 관광지 와이키키 해변은 외국에서 여행을 오는 사람들로 복잡합니다.

I think 인 is used like 의 in this sentence. But I have never seen any such usage so far and in my dictionary there seems to be no such description for the word 인.

So what does this 인 work for grammatically?

  • Please refer to the third meaning of -ㄴ
    – Klmo
    Commented Nov 19, 2019 at 12:10

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In cases like these, -인 is not a 조사, like 의; it actually is a combination of -이다 and -ㄴ. -ㄴ combines with -이 from -이다 and makes -인.


내 아버지는 농구선수이다. My father is a basketball player.

내 아버지는 키가 크다. My father is tall.

농구선수 내 아버지는 키가 크다. My father, a basketball player, is tall.

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