We‘ve had a name seal/stamp made for an acquaintance named 규원.

When using the stamp, it comes out as 원규 (see image: https://ibb.co/5BzkV01 ). The stamp guy said this was a traditional style, but I can’t find anything about it online. A Korean friend says they don’t think that’s true.

Is the stamp wrong, should we try and get it replaced?

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This stamp follows the Traditional East Asian writing order, which is in columns from top to bottom, then right to left, and this is a special case of the writing order where each column only has one character.

enter image description here

Random example from Google image searching 인장. The seal says 베드로後書 (Second Epistle of Peter).

"Traditional" character orders can come in several varieties, however (see https://chinese.stackexchange.com/questions/14200/writing-direction-on-seals).

A left-to-right horizontal order is also commonly found in Korean seals, but would not be what the rest of East Asia calls "traditional" (and is rarely found outside of Korean).

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