If after "왜" there is a comma, is the meaning still "why?", because I found some sentences that makes me confused. For example, I found this sentence : 남서부에서 산사태도 발생했다던데. 왜, 그 무슨 백작 부인도 거기 휘말려서...

There's "왜" but that's not a 'question' , right?

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    That 왜 is an exclamation (감탄사) you use when something does not occur to your mind at the moment.
    – Klmo
    Oct 9, 2019 at 4:51

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It's exactly the same as using "why" with a coma; that is, why used as an interjection.

왜, 그 있잖아, 코 큰 사람.

Why, you know, that guy with a big nose.

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