I'm playing online game with other korean people, there's 1 word which is 칼고합니다 that they use a lot and I don't understand the meaning of it. I couldn't find any translation on the internet.

Example : 다오셔서 50분칼고합니다


In your example, the 칼 means sharp.
So the translation of the example is

다오셔서 50분칼고합니다.  
=> (모두) 다 오셨기 때문에 50분에 바로 출발합니다.
=> Everybody is gathered, so we will go(or start) at 50 sharp.

You can refer to this page

  • I didn't expect that translation, thank you
    – gameon67
    Sep 20 '19 at 8:44

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