I don't get the difference between 할 수 있다 and 할 수 있어. (다 and 어). I want to write ‘I can do it’. I want to do a tattoo but I don't know which one is proper one?

  • 할수있다(formal use) 할수있어(informal)
    – Daivoc Kim
    Sep 15, 2019 at 0:56

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-다 and -어 have lots of cases.

-다 is formal one -어 is informal one.

When u talking with people, it is more natural to speak '나는 할 수 있어'. However, When u write for letters or books, it would be more natural to speak '나는 할 수 있다'

Simply speaking,

나는 할 수 있다 (-다) => It describes the states, facts of some situations. 나는 할 수 있어 (-어) => It is more like colloquial style.


As the others have explained, the difference is formality. Since it's almost unheard of for Koreans to get a 한글 tattoo, it's hard to say which one would be more natural.


you can use '어' for question sentence, too.

너는 할 수 있어? is you can this? but 너는 할 수 있다? is weird.

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