What does 하나 둘씩 mean. 하나씩 means one at a time. 둘씩 means two at a time. But I don’t understand what 하나 둘씩 is. I just checked other websites. Some say it means “one by two”. But I don’t understand what “one by two” means.

Could someone give some explanation of this word ? Please.

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하나둘씩 (= 한둘씩) means (about) one or two at a time and in ones and twos.

하나둘씩 consists of 하나둘 and -씩.

하나둘 (= 한둘): 하나나 둘쯤 되는 수 (a number that is about one or two)

-씩: ‘그 수량이나 크기로 나뉘거나 되풀이됨’의 뜻을 더하는 접미사. (a suffix used to add the meaning of being divided or repeated by that number or size.)

You should not use 하나둘씩 to mention the number of times but that of other things or that of people. Examples are the following:

  • 시민이 하나둘씩 버스에서 내렸다.
  • 꽃잎이 하나둘씩 떨어지기 시작했습니다.
  • 놀이터에 어린이들이 하나둘씩 모여들었습니다.

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