What does it means? And please explain to me every words meaning and every particles used in this : 어쩐지, 좋은 느낌이 드는 여자야. 약간 그리운 느낌도 들고.

  • where did you find this and what have you tried in translating this?
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    Jul 28, 2019 at 16:42

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I'm native Korean (English is not my mother tongue) and I'm not sure my translation is correct in English, but here's my translation :

Somehow, she feels good. And I think I somewhat miss her.

어쩐지 means No matter, or Somehow. Like, if just saying 어쩐지. than it means like I knew it.. But I think 어쩐지 in given sentence is more like somehow. According to 표준국어대사전(Standard Korean Dictionary), it means 어찌 된 까닭인지(it's like somehow at the beginning of the sentence.)

어쩐지 불안하다 : Somehow I feel insecure/Somehow it's nervous

어쩐지 불안하더라 : No matter why I felt insecure/No matter why I was nervous

좋은 is from 좋다, means good. Yup, that's all.

느낌이 is 느낌 + , and is postposition(관사) makes noun as subject. 느낌 is feeling.

든다 usually used with 느낌, and 느낌이 들다 is feels.

안좋은 느낌이 든다 : It feels bad/It doesn't feel good

약간 is little bit.

그리운 is from 그립다, means something like 'feeling of missing someone/something'.

느낌도 is 느낌 + , is postposition(관사) that make noun as subject PLUS adding meaning of 'additionally` to the noun.

들고 is from 들다, too. Ending sentence with is like ending sentence with , too.


어쩐지, 좋은 느낌이 드는 여자야. 약간 그리운 느낌도 들고. I don’t know why, but she gives me good vibes, and also a sentiment of good old days a little bit.

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