When looking up etymologies of Korean words that apparently involve hangul characters that are no longer in use (for example 따뜻하다 < 다 , 다) I usually only get to see those boxes with their Unicode codes inside. Where can I find a font that displays these characters correctly?

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Here is Korean Wikipedia article about old hangul, and Namu Wiki article about old hangul and here is list of fonts.


...은글꼴이나 함초롬체, 본고딕 또는 본명조...


Namu wiki

나눔바른고딕 옛한글

나눔명조 옛한글


맑은고딕 after windows 8

은글꼴 partitially

함초롬바탕, 함초롬돋움


한컴바탕, 한컴돋움, 새바탕


So here is link to font above.

다(ㅼ + ㆍ + ㅅ two times and ㅎ + ㆍ) and 다(ㄷ + ㆍ +ㅅ and ㅎ + ㆍ) looks perfectly at 나눔바른고딕 옛한글, 새굴림, and 함초롬바탕, somewhat ugly in 함초롬돋움. And not in 맑은고딕.

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