Which are the formal and the informal words for these parts? (My dictionary gives me lots of words but I don't know which are the most frequently used ones and if they are polite or not)

Penis = 페니스 / 음경 / 남근 / 고추

Testicles = 고환 / 정소 / 불알

Vulva = 외음부 / 음문 / 보지

Butt = 엉덩이 / 궁댕이 / 궁둥이 / 궁디

Anus = 항문 / 똥꼬 / 똥구멍

I would thank if you could tell me which one is used most in formal speaking and in informal (vulgar) speaking.

  • What dictionary did you consult? Some of them are dialect or non-standard words. Medical terms (usually made up of Chinese characters) are considered formal.
    – Klmo
    Commented Jun 26, 2019 at 20:46

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Penis = (Formal) 음경 / 남근 / (Informal) 고추 (Slang) 좆 / 자지

Testicles = (Formal) 고환 / 정소 (Informal) 불알

Vulva = (Formal) 외음부 / 음문 (Informal/Slang) 보지

Butt = (Formal) 둔부, 볼기, 엉덩이, 궁둥이 (Informal) 궁댕이/ 궁디

Anus = (Formal) 항문 (Informal) 똥꼬 / 똥구멍

With close friends, it's possible to use informal words. Otherwise, I would recommend formal ones and not to use slang ones.

  • I'd say "엉덩이" and "궁둥이" are not that informal. There is also "볼기". Commented Sep 21, 2019 at 8:16
  • Thanks for your comments. I need to edit.
    – Harch
    Commented Sep 22, 2019 at 18:29

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