I'm trying to understand what is being said in this audio clip taken from the movie Illang: The Wolf Brigade. I know that this movie should be available on Netflix with korean subtitles but sadly I don't own a subscription, so I'm asking here reporting the timings of each sentence in the movie, just in case it may be helpful. They're all pretty short though!

Timing: 00:25:56,638 Clip

Timing: 00:26:08,025 Clip

Timing: 00:35:28,752 Clip

Timing: 01:27:16,064 Clip

Thanks in advance for your help!

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My translations are more or less literal, so that you can get the gist of the Korean expression. I don't think the English subtitles wander too much.

Audio 1

여기서 진짜 뼈가 부서지도록 쏘고 달리고 뒹굴고 했었는데

or [...] 뒹굴곤 했었는데, [...] 뒹굴고 그랬었는데. Whatever the exact transcription is, the meaning doesn't change.


We used to shoot, run, and roll so that we nearly broke our bones in this place.

Maybe the speaker is talking about himself only, so not "we/our" but "I/my"? I can't tell from the context.


Korean: 여기서 뼈가 부서지도록 쏘고 달리고 뒹굴었었는데.

English: I punched and shot and ran myself to death in this place.

Audio 2

여긴 진짜 안 된다.

This should be understood in line with the previous phrase, so the full sentence is "나는 이 지옥도 시간이 지나면 추억이 되나 했는데, 여긴 진짜 안 된다."


I thought this hell would fade out to (good) memories as time went by, but this place doesn't ever be (a good memory).

The emphasis is what your clip exactly matches.


Korean: 난 이 지옥도 시간이 지나면 추억이 되나 했는데, 여긴 진짜 안 된다.

English: I thought, as time passed, I'd even grow fond of hell. But this place was too much.

Audio 3

초면에 제가 별 얘기를 다 하네요. 요즘 제가 좀 그래요, 마음이 소금밭이라.


I barely know you and see how I babble. Maybe because I left my heart at the salt fields.

The emphasis matches "마음이 소금밭", but it doesn't seem to be a common idiom.

It may be a reference to the best-selling book 마음이 소금밭인데 오랜만에 도서관에 갔다. The publisher's review explains the expression, "how pale does a salt field shines, and how painful would it be if there your heart lies."


Korean: 초면에 제가 별 얘기를 다 하네요. 요즘 마음이 소금밭이라 좀 그래요.

English: Listen to me blabber because my heart's gone sour these days.

Audio 4

이렇게 발표할 거야?


Is this how you're going to publish it?


Korean: 이렇게 발표할 거야?

English: Is this how you'll announce it?

  1. 여기서 진짜 뼈가 부서지도록 쏘고 날리고 뒹굴고 했었는데..
  2. XX은 진짜 안된다. (I don't know what XX is but I think it's simillar to "여긴(here)")
  3. 초면에 제가 별 이야기를 다하네요, 요즘 제가 그래요. 마음이 조금 까칠한..
  4. 이렇게 발표할거야?

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