According to a course at memrise.com, 저는 롭이에요 means I'm Rob (humble). I am wondering why Rob is translated as 롭이 instead of 로비. To me, the latter seems to be more natural and is easier to write.

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    Robby would be 로비. But Rob is written as . So 롭이에요 == +이에요 and 롭이 == +.
    – Coconut
    Mar 16, 2019 at 7:17

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In the given Korean sentence, Rob corresponds to 롭, not 롭이.

The closest transliteration of the English name Rob /rob/ [ɹ̠ɒb] would be 롭 /rob/ [ɾop̚] according to Korean phonology and phonetics (and also the ROK government standard). 롭이/로비 would sound /robi/ [ɾobi], with a completely unnecessary [i].

The sentence "저는 롭이에요" is decomposed into

  • : I(polite)
  • -는: topic marker
  • 롭: Rob
  • -이(다): descriptive postposition
  • -에요: descriptive ending(polite)

Someone already commented but if i expand that sentence,

it is actually

저 + 는 + 롭 + 이에요

So Rob is 롭 In korean.

That's how we change English sound to Korean in general.

And since you want to write something easy '롭' is best for you. :)

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