Here is the full sentence: 헛짚기도 이 정도면 예슬이다

And the translation is "even a straw is enough to make a false guess" but i can't find the particular meaning of 헛짚기

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헛- is a suffix for false, fake, or sometimes secondary quality. (E.g., 헛소리 nonsense, 헛짓 meaningless action.)

The original meaning of 짚기 is to put your finger/hand on something, but here it is used metaphorically, as in putting your finger on a subject. So, 헛짚기 basically means "missing the point", or "failing to get an (obvious) social cue."

이 정도면 예술이다 (Note: it's 예술, not 예슬) is a common expression meaning "it is good enough to be called an art", i.e., "it's really good," but it's frequently used sarcastically, as in here.

So the sentence means "[You are] missing the point by so much that it has attained a quality of art," or in a more colloquial English, "Dude, you're missing the point by a mile."

  • Also, it's best not to use Google/Naver translate to learn Korean.

헛짚기 is a noun form of 헛짚다 or 헛다리짚다.

It means mistake in English. Also it's an extremely informal, slang-ish vocabulary.

"헛짚기도 이 정도면 예술이다" is a common phrase for pointing out someone's mistake, and is a sarcasm.

Here's how Korean dictionary (표준국어대사전) explains 헛짚기:


헛-짚다[발음 : 헏찝따]

활용 : 헛짚어, 헛짚으니, 헛짚는[헛짐는]



1 . 바닥을 바로 짚지 못하다.

  • 익숙한 길인데 오늘따라 그는 지팡이를 자꾸 헛짚는다.

  • 소년은 달리기 시작했다. 디딤돌을 헛짚었다. 한 발이 물속에 빠졌다. (출처 : 황순원, 소나기)

  • 나는 무엇에 떠밀리듯 허겁지겁 기어가기 시작했다. 몇 발짝쯤 기었을까, 별안간 손을 헛짚으며 내 몸은 거꾸로 떨어져 곤두박질쳤다. (출처 : 유재용, 성역)

2 . 상황을 잘못 짐작하다.

3 . 진맥 따위를 잘못 보다.

  • 이럴 리가 없는 일이 분명하여 진 의원은, 잘못 헛짚은 것인가 하고 정신을 수습한 뒤 호흡을 정돈하고 침착하게 손가락을 모았다. (출처 : 최명희, 혼불)


1 . 「◀(명사)가▶」 대상을 잘못 파악하여 일을 그르치다.

  • 정말 그렇게 될 것이라고 생각했다면, 당신은 헛다리짚은 거예요.

2 . 「◀(명사)가▶」 아무 성과 없이 끝나다.


헛 false 짚기 picking up

헛짚기 = 헛 다리(leg) 짚기

Usually, when there are a sequence of events, a success rate of our choice is close to a half.

But unfortunately, someone picks wrong choice in almost events. In a probability, it is equal to choose true in all events.

헛짚기도 이 정도면 예술이다.

=In light of these decisions, you have an artistic sense definitely in picking up a false thing.

=In light of your choices, picking up a false thing is also one among artistic areas.

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