When I translated it, the word 레이파니 just translated as Reifany or Leifany but I don't know what that is. Even when I searched for it on google, I didn't find anything.

곧장 레이파니에 맡겨 뒀었지요 I left it straight to Reifany.

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    Maybe, 레이파니 is someone's name ? When did you see the word ?
    – HK Lee
    Feb 24, 2019 at 0:59
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    Oh right it could be that. I saw it from a manhwa.. it was when the character explain that he can't throw away a ring that come down for generation, so he left it to reifany. I thought it maybe there's something like a box that called reifany 😂
    – Dnl
    Feb 24, 2019 at 2:44

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"에 맡기다" is used for a place (e.g. pawnshops, banks, nurseries, shops, and information desks) where people keep theirs, whereas "에게 맡기다" for a person (e.g. babysitters, pawnbrokers, bank clerks, friends, parents, and colleagues) to whom others keep theirs or hand their tasks. Thus, 레이파니 is a place.

I assume that you read a fantasy novel, "아델라이드의 라 돌체 비타." Part of it says, "제국 제일의 보석점 레이파니" (The empire's best jewelry store, 레이파니). It seems that the author used the name of Tiffany & Co.

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