I'm starting to learn Korean and I'm learning how to write my name in Hangeul.

The Chinese characters for my name is 懷春。

Based on these (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E6%87%B7 and https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E6%98%A5), the corresponding Korean name is 회춘.

Is that a legit Korean name? Does it sound odd or make people laugh when someone introduces themselves as 회춘?

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나쁜 이름은 아니지만 한국적인 이름은 아니에요.

한국 사람 입장에서 '회춘'이라는 이름을 들었을 때 드는 느낌:

  • 나이가 엄청 많은 할머니 이름
  • '성춘향'이 살던 고전 시대처럼 되게 옛날 사람 이름
  • '오원춘'처럼 (별로 좋은 예는 아니지만) 중국계 한국인의 이름

HK Lee님이 말씀하신 것처럼 회춘했다는 말 같아서 웃기기도 하고요.

It could be a Korean name but not really a modern one.

How a name '회춘' sounds to me:

  • Grandma's name. (aged 120+ y.o.)
  • Someone from the classical era like when there actually were names like '성춘향'.
  • Typical Chinese-Korean name. E.g. '오원춘' (Sorry, not the nicest example - that's just off the top of my head.)

And as HK Lee mentioned, it can be funny because it might also mean that an old man is rejuvenating(회춘).


회춘하다 [回春] : 다시 젊어지다 grow younger

When we use another Chinese character 회(return, back to the first position), 회춘 is healing sickness or being vivid. So when someone obtain a young wife, we use frequently. Or when we see someone's energy, we use : "He gets an energy" 그 사람 회춘했어.

Usually, when we hear 회춘, then we think this word so that it may be funny.


I think it can be a good strategy to write as the pronunciation of your name 懷春 as 화이천

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