Here is the audio clip. Thanks for your help, I apreciate that.

The translation I currently have is "Think of it as a holiday and mess with the auditors".

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형식적인 거니까 휴가라고 생각하고 감사과 애들이랑 놀다 와

"It's just perfunctory. So think of it as a holiday and mess with the auditors." (that's what it literally means besides a little sense of humor put in there)

  • "감사과 애들"

    "감사과 애들" (the auditors; comptrollers) here is a dishonorable speaking of "감사관"/"감사과의 직원 분".

    What auditors would do: 관세청 감사관

  • "애들이랑 놀다 와"

    "애들이랑 놀다 와" literally "Go play with those kids" is a common phrase in movies. It is said when someone has to go through a tough event (like a business meeting with the auditors) and you tell that person to do so, in a sense comforting that person, kinda like "take it easy". What it means is more closer to "just have fun with them" rather than 'to treat someone bad or in a rude way'. When this is said the two in the conversation must be very close/friendly to each other.

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    What do you meanhere with "auditor"? That's my biggest doubt! And about "mess with" you mean to make them piss off? Feb 5, 2019 at 20:04
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    @Bafforasta The more direct translation for the “mess with” part (“-이랑 놀다(가)”) would be “have fun with,” which, depending on the context, might be a playful way of saying “to piss someone off.” Feb 6, 2019 at 4:26
  • Okay so I edited my post a bit. I hope this helps...
    – Coconut
    Feb 6, 2019 at 7:53

형식적인 거니까 휴가라고 생각하고 감사과 애들이랑 놀다 와

This may be a dialogue in some movie. Through this sentence, we can not understand whole situation. But typical example is as follows :

In my thought, it seems to be a periodic or ritual monitoring so that you would visit to the inspection department with a light heart.

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