What exactly does 경탄을 금치 못하다 mean? I heard it several times in the northern propaganda documentaries and also it can be found in newspaper articles.

I guess it's something like "be unable to hide the joy". But why is it written as -치 못하다, not -지 못하다? And what does the verb 금다 mean, which I can not find in vocabularies?


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1) prohibit

도박을 금해야 한다 We should prohibit gambling.

술을 완전히 금하고 있다 I have wholly given up drinking.

2) contain emotion

그 소식을 들었을때, 기쁨을 금할 수 없었다.

When I heard the news, I could not contain a joy = I could not hide a joy on my face = I was glad largely.

@ 금할 수 없었다 = 금치 못했다.

As Kohctahtnh Bah said, 금치 is a short form of 금하지. In my thought, almost does not have a short form. For instance, 전하지 못하다 (can not send). Further, as like 금치, there is another example : 면하다 = I am free to a fixed duty.

A는 B를 상대로, 고전을 면치 못했다. A had a difficulty game.

  • So, can I (or is it necessary to) replace "-하지 + negation" to "치 + negation" everywhere? Jan 12, 2019 at 18:27
  • Yes. "치 + negation" can be replaced by "하지+negation".
    – HK Lee
    Jan 13, 2019 at 1:06

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