How do you say this in English?
1- 하지만 어떻게 해야 이기는지 알아
2- 다구리다
3- 뭉쳐
4- 스릉
5- 뒈질래


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1. But, I know how I win

2. 다구리 noun, 다구리다 = 그것은 다구리 입니다.

It is a handling-way. Usually, in action movie, or crime event, to overcome a fixed man, 다구리 is a several people's beating.

3. 뭉쳐 : Largely, there are two means. 눈을 뭉쳐 press snow into a lump/make a snowball.

And it has a mean 협동(cooperation) : 뭉치면 살고 흩어지면 죽는다 united we stand, divided we fall.

4. 스릉 = 사랑, 스릉한다 I love you. It is recent new word. When we shut up and pronounce 사랑, it is similar to 스릉.

5. Do you want to die ?

There are many expression about death 돌아 가시다 = opposite to return (=돌아 오다).

When a honorable man die, we want that he would return to our real world. Hence when he die, we express 돌아 가시다.

On the other hand, there is 뒈지다, which describes a death of bad guy. For instance, 저 인간 언제 뒈지냐 ? I want that he would die.

When some animal die, then it shows his belly. That is, it is flipped. (뒈지다 is a short of 뒤집어 지다).


1.하지만 어떻게 해야 이기는지 알아

But I know how to win


It's not an official word, but it is used when a group of people pick on a single person.


gather around


you say this when you say "사랑" or love with your teeth together, so not a real word.


a bad meaning for death. isn't used when you actually wanna kill someone, but when someone makes you feel pissed off.

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